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ProgressWorks | for job creation and retention

ProgressWorks | for job creation and retention

For Jobs.

For Jobs.

From blue collar to white collar, entry level to management our focus is the creation of new jobs and the retention of existing jobs. By working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the workforce we look for opportunities to assist where our efforts leveraging monetary and intellectual capital will make a positive impact. The net result being the creation and retention of jobs in America. Our focus is to help one job at a time, making a lasting difference.

For People.

For People.

From rural to urban, skilled to unskilled our hope is to help Americans of all backgrounds, both men and women, who want to pursue a career and make a living. Empowering everyday people to seek their version of the American Dream. Whether their dream is simply to be proud of their job, or as ambitious as starting a business our hope is to support people by supporting jobs that create products and services here at home.

For Communities.

For Communities.

From cities to towns, neighborhoods to street corners our desire is the renewal of the places we call home. When Americans are proudly employed, we are a force like no other. We firmly believe in healing our communities through business growth and recovery fueled by new and existing jobs. Our desire is to see businesses filling those empty windows in vacant buildings with hope, and a promising outlook for the next generation.

For Country.

For Country.

Our goal is to see the lifeblood of our country revitalized and prospering so she can strive once more. Our country is in need of many improvements including infrastructure which requires capital from a strong economy. When our jobs, our people and our communities are strong our country can achieve great and ambitious feats. Our goal is to help our country repair itself through a vibrant economic culture producing the world's strongest gross domestic product.

Why ProgressWorks

With technology and the economy changing at a rapid pace, employers and employees alike are sometimes caught in the wake of change. ProgressWorks, a nonprofit organization, hopes to help small businesses and hard working talented individuals that may have been displaced by lending a hand to those who need a little support to adjust course.

Our Mission

To facilitate job creation and retention, with a focus on established and burgeoning small businesses nationwide.

Our Vision

The growth of employment through targeted investment, strategic partnering, and resources that reduce the challenges small businesses face when seeking job creation capital.

Where ProgressWorks Is Going

ProgressWorks intends to become a resource for helping those seeking assistance creating new jobs and opportunities as well as those supporting and expanding existing businesses. Twice a year ProgressWorks will select a limited number of opportunities in which to participate, with the objective of maximizing the impact of its resources. Though ProgressWorks is a nonprofit, the organization does seek a return for its participation in opportunities thus creating long term sustainability for the organization and its mission.

ProgressWorks firmly believes in intellectual capital, and building relationships with individuals and organizations that align with our mission. ProgressWorks will use its knowledge base, relationships and volunteers to further assist those businesses and individuals who can create or retain jobs throughout the country. Further, ProgressWorks will begin the process of developing community outreach and educational programs to further help the job market.

How ProgressWorks Will Get There

In the near term, ProgressWorks’ resources will come primarily from membership, sponsorship and donations. Over time, with a smart money approach similar to that of a for profit investment fund, ProgressWorks’ resources will grow and become more sustainable with greater annual impact.

Progress Works will deploy its resources in qualified opportunities primarily as a co-investor with other funding sources. In all instances ProgressWorks will pursue a competitive return. As a nonprofit the deployment of resources with the expectation of a return on investment may seem contrary, however it actually constitutes a significant means by which to affect vastly more jobs over time. Although ProgressWorks does seek a return on investment, its sole focus is jobs. The purpose of seeking a return on investment is to perpetuate the organization's ability to impact the creation of new jobs as well as the retention of existing ones.

ProgressWorks will combine community support in the form of memberships, sponsorships and donations with a return on investment


By becoming a member you are empowering and support a uniting cause for jobs in America.

Please note that ProgressWorks relies on membership, sponsorship and donations as such we believe membership is a great way for you to show your support for ProgressWorks as well as the principles and ideals it promotes. Membership is limited to a show of support and does not grant the right to vote on or set direction of the organization. For more information regarding membership please consult our Membership Section and Terms of Use.

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