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ProgressWorks | for job creation and retention

ProgressWorks | for job creation and retention


By becoming a member you are empowering and support a uniting cause for jobs in America.

Why a ProgressWorks Membership

ProgressWorks believe membership is a great way for you to show your support for the organization as well as the principles and ideals it promotes. Membership is limited to a show of support and does not grant the right to vote on or set direction of the organization. More information regarding membership is provided below and is subject to change.

What Membership Entails

Currently, the membership provided by ProgressWorks is limited to your ability to show positive support for the organization. You become part of the movement seeking to positively impact entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals in the work force by empowering the job market in America. Your membership directly contributes to helping ProgressWorks carry out its mission.

In the future ProgressWorks intends to extend its members further benefical options such as:

  • Networking events focused on small businesses, employment and entrepreneurship
  • Unique volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the marketplace
  • VIP / RSVP / Discounts attending ProgressWorks sponsored events
  • Access to the members only section of the ProgressWorks website (under development)
  • Priority status to submit articles and white papers related to ProgressWorks and its mission / agenda
  • Plaques Certificates and Awards commemorating membership and participation

ProgressWorks intends to develop additional benefits for our members as our numbers grow.