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ProgressWorks COVID-19 Crisis Management Team


Does your business need help?


The COVID-19 crisis is creating significant short and long term ramifications for small business owners.  ProgressWorks has experienced executives and managers to help.

  • ProgressWorks Crisis Management Team: 

    • ProgressWorks has recruited a team of experienced executives and managers to assist small business owners struggling with the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19. There are thousands of business owners that do not know what the future is going to hold for their business, employees, and customers.

    • ProgressWorks is continuing to recruit executives and managers to help with the COVID-19 crisis. ProgressWorks is developing a number of programs that will be designed to support and assist business owners struggling in today's business environment. Programs will consist of direct lending from the COVID -19 RELIEF FUND, assisting in accessing capital from private and public investors and to help business owners protect their businesses and asset retention.


  • In cases of imminent failure, resources and advice is available to limit the impact on owners, employees, and creditors.

Food & Supplies to the Frontline

​Food & Supplies to the Frontline


Our frontline heroes need our help- help ProgressWorks get food and drinks to warriors working of COVID-19 at our hospitals, medical facilities,  and to first responders.

  • Food & Supplies to the Frontline

    • ProgressWorks is working with local volunteers in local markets to get food and drinks to the frontline warriors of COVID-19.  By providing aid and comfort to our unsung heroes risking their lives, we hope to bring a brief bright spot on any given day of this fight.

    • ProgressWorks will assist local volunteers in assembling resources to assist in helping in their area whenever possible.

    • Food manufacturers, bottling plants, restaurants, please reach out and we will coordinate logistics.




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